Hipster Christian

Eric’s glorious ‘stache

Tens of thousands of people are affected every day by this latest epidemic: the ironic hipster mustache. What may have begun as nothing more than a hairy badge for hipsters has transformed into a movement (fittingly called Movember) to “change the face of men’s health.” And it serves as a fine example of giving purpose to a trivial trend. (more…)

What’s in a name? That which we call a hipster by any other name would wear superfluous scarves.

Lately it seems this seven-letter word often gets slapped together with “Christian” and tossed around to describe churches, activities, and anyone who likes indie rock and skinny jeans. (I was even called one recently.) More often than not it’s used as an insult. So what’s in this name, “Christian hipster”? (more…)