Last week’s Take Two discussed “A Match Made in Heaven”—the happy union of apologetics and evangelism. This week, I dare to suggest another happy union: Cowboys & Aliens. Classic Western and sci-fi. (Check out the trailer here.)

In just seven long-but-finite days, James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Han “Indy” Solo (Harrison Ford)—that’s how I choose to see ‘em at least—face off against a pack of extraterrestrial invaders. Commence “epic showdown for survival.”

Though the premise is clear to the moviegoer, the film’s characters aren’t sure what they’re fighting. Director Jon Favreau notes, “In the 1800s, nobody knows what aliens are. They think they’re demons.” (more…)

In Disney’s Bolt, the titular character (a canine “actor”) meets up with a couple of pigeons from Hollywood. Like everyone else in LA, these fast-talking birds have a movie to pitch, and it goes a little something like this: (more…)