It’s the first big holiday of the year (after New Year’s, that is). Stores overflow with themed decorations, and ads persuade consumers to buy their honeys a grand gift in honor of the big day.

But it’s not St. Valentine’s Day I’m referring to. This celebration involves more than one Saint—in fact, a whole slew of Saints, at least this year. Yes, folks. I’m talking ‘bout the Super Bowl—the most watched television program of the year. (more…)

Eager students lingered on the dimly lit dance floor waiting for their next cue. “Please take a partner for tango,” the teacher instructed. I snuck over to the water cooler to quench my desire to remain unnoticed. But my clever efforts were thwarted by an ambitious and thirsty dancer. (more…)

There’s no better way to fill a Saturday morning than perusing the vast aisles of a members-only warehouse club—“where shopping is a baffling ordeal.” But nothing—not even a drum of coffee beans—catches my attention quicker than the neatly folded heaps of clothes in the warehouse’s hub. This latest trip revealed a fresh stack of baseball jerseys—and a couple of fans inspecting the goods.

Never one to overlook Dodgers gear, I moseyed over to take a gander—and that’s when I saw him. (more…)