Just when you thought nothing could be more care-free than a day at the beach, Shark Week arrives. Beginning this Sunday, the Discovery Channel’s annual summer special will terrify and enthrall viewers with close, sometimes fatal, shark encounters.

But despite sharks’ fearsome reputation, we humans actually pose a greater threat to them than they do to us. (more…)

Those Joneses. They have everything. The high-def televisions, souped-up rides, and extravagant vacations to breathtaking sites. Those with less affluence (yours truly included) are faced with a choice: strive to keep up with them Joneses, or find joy in our “low-def,” humdrum surroundings.

In the past I may have wavered between the two—tech toys are my weakness—but lately my bank account has kindly made the choice for me. And I’m thankful. Sometimes missing out leads us to seek creative ways to make our own fun. (more…)