Whether it’s through email, snail mail, or Facebook comments, we receive all manner of science-faith questions (and challenges). Yet some topics—such as dinosaurs, hominids, the multiverse, and much more—remain timeless. These same issues often pop up during Q&A sessions at RTB events.

In response to these FAQs, we’ve launched RTB 101: a collection of web pages that provides easy access to resources on popular topics. (more…)


Disney’s TRON Legacy opens in theaters today. It’s been 28 years since the original debuted. For its time, TRON was an astounding breakthrough in computer-generated special effects. It helped pave the way for the digital wonders gracing the screen today. Although there’s nothing “special” about the film’s effects now, the existential issues TRON touches on remain timeless. As one hijacked program asks, “If I don’t have a User, then who wrote me?” (more…)

“It’s time to Stump the Scholar!” Six little words that strike fear into the hearts of Hugh, Fuz, Ken, Jeff, and Dave at the end of each I Didn’t Know That! podcast. Although my trivia questions may perplex the scholars at times, I am always impressed by the way our team excels at offering answers to the truly difficult questions. From Jesus’ conception to the Nemesis Theory*, each week the scholars bravely grapple with our listeners’ outstanding science-faith questions in an effort to follow the command found in 1 Thessalonians 5:21. (more…)