About Take Two

We’re full-time editors for Reasons To Believe (RTB), an organization dedicated to integrating science and faith. After years of editing materials by RTB’s scholar team (which consists of an astronomer, biochemist, astrophysicist, and philosopher/theologian), we began toying around with the idea of taking the meaty evidence they discuss and breaking it up into fun-sized chunks.

So for those who (like us) aren’t heavy into science or philosophy, we hope our spin on “sci-phi” topics will spark conversations about how science and faith can be friends.

About Sandra

A one-time film major and aspiring film editor, Sandra stumbled upon a job opening for an editorial assistant at RTB. Fast-forward over a dozen years later, she now serves as the assistant editorial director for a tiny but mighty team. She’s completed editorial work on over a dozen RTB books, including Creating Life in the Lab, Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job, and 7 Truths That Changed the World.

When not locked up in her editing lair, Sandra enjoys baking vegan sweeties, discussing superheroes and fantasy worlds, and finding wonder in everyday moments. In addition to reaching those curious about following Jesus, she has a passion for coffee, dance, and connecting faith with pop-culture geekery.

Sandra lives in Southern California with her husband, Robert, two inquisitive kids, and a lazy miniature Schnauzer named Rigby Malone.

About Maureen

While attending Azusa Pacific University, Maureen applied for an internship with RTB’s editorial department. After earning her BA in English, she joined the editorial team and now serves as the managing editor of Reasons newsletter and facilitates RTB’s scholar blog, Today’s New Reason to Believe. She’s completed editorial work on the booklet Who’s Afraid of the Multiverse?, the Impact Events student devotionals, and numerous print resources.

When not wielding a red pen, Maureen enjoys cooking, rereading Jane Austen’s novels, and watching classic films with her husband and fellow film buff, Darren. And she can hold her own in Star Wars trivia contests.

Maureen lives in Southern California with her husband, Darren, their darling daughter, and a mischievous rabbit, Poirot.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Carma Says:

    I have loved RTB for many years, but just stumbled across your blog. This looks fabulous, and something I can share with my kids without having to spend 30 minutes explaining what they are reading. THANK YOU! (And from one red pen wielder to two others: thanks for never making me cringe when I read RTB – great job, ladies!)

    1. Sandra Says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Carma. I’m glad you found us and can share our articles with your kids. Also glad we can help keep you cringe-free. 🙂 Keep on wielding the red pen!

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